Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On not meaning anything

The famous author Astrid Lindgren once said “I don’t mean anything”. And why would she? The “deepness” that some authors and artists ascribe to their works is often nothing but branding. They are simply trying to make an impression on the buyers or authorities that support their work financially. I don’t mean there is anything wrong with that. Defining our profiles to others is in fact part of being a social being, a part of life that I am being involved in right now. And we all pay our bills with money, don't we? But still: not meaning anything is why I like being among my fellow nature artists. We never mean anything, we just like to paint. (And we usually don’t get any grants.)

This is the great peat bog Store Mosse a hot summers day, two curlews coming in from a feeding trip.

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timwootton said...

A simple yet true statement, Mans - the meaning of art should be left to the meandering intellects of critics; the artist who wishes to convene with Nature should simply sit and absorb and distill; take everything in and, via a process of simpification, make marks in line and colour which reflect in some way what that individual artist not only saw, but felt.
This landscape shows all these qualities - an unassuming but piercing simplicity; a quality which could be applied to much of the very wonderful work which you present on this most captivating Blog. Wonderful work!