Sunday, November 30, 2008

Eagle owls

New alarming information on the climate change apparently caused by man pours over us as soon as we turn the radio on. And it should - if we have a problem we better realize it! But not everything around us is going the wrong way. Projekt Berguv Skåne (Project Eagle Owl Skåne) aims to reestablish the world's largest owl species in our province and has so far released more than 150 chicks since 1982. That is why the species is now breeding with 11 wild pairs, which is more than halfway to the goal of 20 breeding pairs. Please report any observations to to help the project get a better view of the species' status in 2009!
This is a female and her young in the Hardeberga quarry near Lund in 2007.


Szabi said...

I'm amazed by this small watercolour! So simply done! But the shadows and light is so alive!!!
Szabolcs Kókay

Måns Sjöberg said...

Thanks a lot, Szabolcs!