Saturday, January 17, 2009

A controversial one

Feeding partly on livestock the wolf in Sweden was hunted to extinction in the 20th century. Later a couple of wolves came in from Finland and founded a new population that recently met the government’s recovery goal of 200 individuals. A heated debate is now raging over the species’ future.


Leif Häggström said...

Gråben is beautiful, but I can admitt that I would not want one in my neighborhood. Last year there were many reports on a couple that had established themselves where I live. Roumurs now tell that they have been shot, whether this is true or not I don´t know.
The whereabouts of wolves can be reported to:

And, as always, a very nice painting capturing the soul of the beast.

Måns Sjöberg said...

I accept them as a natural part of our fauna but I understand everybody, in particular sheep masters, hill farmers and reindeer herders, who don't want them as neighbours. And I really feel sorry about the poor man who had to spend six months in jail because he shot a wolf that was attacking his sheep for the second time!