Friday, February 13, 2009

Disfavoured beetle

Because modern forestry and agriculture allow few hollow trees, where the larvae of Osmoderma eremita develop, this species has decreased all over its distribution range. This is an illustration for a guide to nature reserves in Jönköping’s parish.


Francisco J. Hernández said...

Beautifull drawings and watercolours !!!. Congratulations !

Måns Sjöberg said...

¡Muchas gracias, Francisco! Magnificent paintings on your blog aswell!

I spent a few months in El Rocío and el Parque Nacional de Coto Doñana in 1986-1988, not far from you. I also traveled to La Alpujarra, Monfragüe, Ronda, and El Chorro. It is really a wonderful country! Por desgracia he olvidado mucho del español que aprendí allí.