Friday, May 29, 2009


This is a field sketch of two rock ptarmigans that I saw in northern Sweden a few years ago. It is difficult to recall a visual impression just like that but I have some photos that I can use to get the light and colours right for a watercolour painting. I will keep you informed.


Jose A. Sencianes said...

Very good sketch! I see this birds for first time in Varanger Peninsula (Norway) the last year... It was very exciting for me! I hope to see them with colour very soon. All the Best!

Måns Sjöberg said...

It is a pleasure to get comments like that from my fellow nature painters, who have a true understanding for what I do.

Once I looked for ptarmigans in the Pyrenees - without success. I enjoyed a couple of lammergeiers and a wallkreeper instead - very beautiful birds.

Dougalis said...

Agree absolutely with Jose and I'm also very curious of the final coloured result!
It's very encouraging to watch an emerging small but very active community of field working nature artists all over the Europe.
You must feel very lucky having been born and raised in a country like Sweden with such a long tradition in nature artistry!


Måns Sjöberg said...

You are right, Dougalis. I wish we could all come together one day and do some sketching together.

The tradition in nature artistry that you are mentioning has been very important for me over the years. As a young boy I had favourites like Bruno Liljefors, Gunnar Brusewitz, Harald Wiberg, and Lars Jonsson. Now in the Internet era I get more and more inspiration from you guys.