Thursday, February 4, 2010

Roe doe

I will be spending the next two months painting 30-40 new pictures for the local zoo Skånes Djurpark. This gives me an opportunity to visit the zoo in winter - a lovely experience with snow, hopefully sunshine and all the animals in their beautiful winter furs.


Lluís Sogorb said...

It's a view enjoyed for visiting this blog. I love the simplicity with which you have tried this and what a beautiful picture you have left. Greetings

Leif said...

Roe deers have a hard time in Sweden this winter. To help my local roe deer population I have cut down some Populus tremula too feed these small deer. By the tracks in the snow I can tell the gesture is appreciated.

During the last 4 weeks of the hunting season on roe deer the local administrative board restricted the use of dogs. Ie only stalking was allowed in order to spare the energy resources of the pray.

Great picture by the way.

Måns Sjöberg said...

Thanks for your comments! I think going through hard winters is part of being a roe deer (at least in northern Europe),just like having the ability to recover quickly when the conditions are more favourable.

Øivind Egeland said...

Hi Måns. What a beatuiful painting! I admire the way you make your motives look alive. This is usually the last you see of a roe deer before it jumps of into the bush.