Saturday, April 2, 2011


The carp family comprises some 2,400 species worldwide. Its members have no teeth and no stomachs! Instead they chew the food with their rakers of the specialized last gill bow against a plate formed by a procession of the skull. That way they can eat hard baits like snails and bivalves. The picture shows a few of the Bothnian representatives: asp, dace, rudd, ide, and silver bream, all drawn for the Havet homepage that I've mentioned in a couple of previous posts.


Oljekritan said...

wow...hur snygga är de!! Otroligt bra målat..

Jose A. Sencianes said...

Fantastic illustration work! The fishes are very difficult to me. Greetings!

Fran A.H. Alvarado said...

Hello Mans,
Beautiful illustrations of fish. The landscape in the previous post is great.


Måns Sjöberg said...

Thanks, everybody! Your comments mean a lot to me!