Thursday, October 27, 2011

Calf and apple trees

I've been so busy teaching the last few weeks that I haven't had any time over for painting but I still have the ambition to post a picture every week. So this time you'll have to do with an old one - a meadow with apple trees and a calf that I painted six years ago for a nature reserve sign. On Saturday my daughter, my paintbox and I will be heading for Gran Canaria. I'll get back to you after that.


Oljekritan said...

Så snyggt...du målar överraskande...enkelt och på en gång maffigt..så himla skickligt..alltid kul att titta in till dig//Karina

Tove said...

Den har jag inte sett förut, jättefin pappa!
Jag ser himla mycket fram emot Gran Canaria!