Monday, October 10, 2011

Sea slug

This is the sea slug Limapontia capitata drawn for the Marine Research Centers at Stockholm and Umeå universities. Depicting it seemed like an easy task at first glance but proved to be quite a challange. I made use of my experience of painting semi-glossy and semi-transparent candy and added some salt to the wet paint to create the light dappled pattern.

Update January 21st, 2012:
Ian Smith kindly points out that this is Limapontia depressa, not Limapontia capitata. This mistake will be corrected as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Dear Måns
I think this is an accurate and aesthetically pleasing picture of the sea slug you were given.

Unfortunately, it is not Limapontia capitata; it is Limapontia depressa. The two species have often been confused, even by experts such as Pruvot-Fol (Faune de France, 1954), and I have made the same mistake in the past.

I expect it was identified by biologists at the Marine Research Centre. Could you pass this message to them and suggest they review their identification?
They will find a detailed description, many photographs, and the original description and illustration by Alder & Hancock, who first described the species, at
For comparison they will find images and descriptions of L. capitata and L. senestra at

At the bottom of the L. depressa account there is a "Comment" section where I discuss the confusion of species. I have mentioned your blog and will alter it appropriately if I receive a response from the Marine Research Centre.
With best wishes
Ian Smith

Måns Sjöberg said...

Dear Ian,

Thanks a lot for alerting me on this obvious mistake! I will contact the customer as soon as possible and offer them a correction.

Best wishes,
Måns Sjöberg