Saturday, March 9, 2013


Gunnar Tryggmo, Peter Elfman and myself went birding today. It was a bit too cold for my fingers, so sketching was poor but we found a few lapwings and curlews, a pair of pintails and a couple of shelducks. The sea, sand and reed beds had wonderful colors that took my eyes away from the birds though.


Øivind Egeland said...

Hello Måns! It is good to see that you are in the field, hopefully we'll see some sketches as well - I bet they're good, in spite of the cold weather. I was very pleased and honoured to be among your five Liebster Blog Awards! This means a lot to me, and will certainly be an inspiration for me at a time when inspiration has been a bit hard to find. Thanks!

Måns Sjöberg said...

Thanks a lot for returning it! It means a lot to get a compliment about simplicity by someone who really masters it. I hope inspiration has come back to you or is waiting around the corner. Birding usually helps. Happy painting!