Friday, March 14, 2014

Birch on a dune 3

Finally I put on some more earth colors for the sand structure and some of the vegetation and a glaze of Prussian blue and Raw sienna over the canopy to make it come alive. Then I turned the painting upside-down, drew a broad brushstroke with clean water across the middle of the sky and added some thick Ultramarine blue in the following ones to strengthen the top of the sky. Then I asked myself if the painting was ready and answered “Yes”, because that’s always the right answer to that question.


Concetta Flore said...

thank you Mans! I could never say which colors I've been using unless I deliberately noted them down, but that would interrupt the flow- It's so interesting to see how good artists like you work consciously.
I love this little landscape. There's so much in it- and yes, it's finished!

Måns Sjöberg said...

Thanks, Concetta! I'm used to explaining what I do and I only use eight colors, so I don't have a problem reconstructing the painting process afterwords. I wouldn't take notes as I'm painting though. The flow is super-important to me.