Friday, June 12, 2015

Paint review: QoR 1

I try hard not to buy every tube of paint I see at the local art material retailer. It's much smarter to spend the money on quality, and here is a new brand that might fulfill my dreams.

Golden Artist Colours, best known for their well-renowned acrylic paints, introduced the new expensive brand QoR - Quality of Results - last year. Their "new & better" is the polymer binder Aquazol which they say keep more pigments than gum arabic does.

Their color chart presents 83 colors, 63 of which are single pigments. Their yellow ochre, siennas and umbers are natural, while the transparent oxides are synthetic. In fact everything is these days, with a few exceptions.

I ordered three 11 ml tubes from Jackson's Art Supply at the cost of 545 kr ($66, £43) including shipping and taxes. Their Ultramarine violet is a single pigment (PV15, Sodium aluminium sulfosilicate), the same as Daler Rowney and Winsor & Newton.

Judging from this limited comparison, QoR colors are more pigment rich and more transparent than both Winsor & Newton and Daler Rowney. They seem to lift easier, granulate a bit smoother and flow well in the water. They also maintain the intensity while the others dry a bit duller. The same is obviously true for Transparent yellow oxide and Transparent brown oxide, although I didn't compare them directly with any other make.

QoR looks good so far but I'll get back to you when I've used them a bit more, so stay tuned!


Torben said...

Hej Måns,
Allow me to highlight you on this website from a shop in Copenhagen. Prices seems to be a wee bit cheaper. Also, not that far away from Lund.

Måns Sjöberg said...

Thanks a lot, Torben! They don't seem to do shipping overseas, or overstraits, but if I manage to persuade them the total cost would probably be 390 Swedish kronor ($48, £30), considerably cheaper!

Måns Sjöberg said...

Still 30% more expensive than Winsor & Newton but if 40% more pigments is true, and I beleive it is, it's still worth it. Next stop Copenhagen.

Torben said...

You’re welcome and yes, it seemed to be a lot cheaper here.